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Services for Full Quality Project Management, means a complete coordination and execution of inspection activities for a specific project, in accordance with approved ITP’s, at suppliers´ facilities.

We work with clients´ approved ITP’s, or we can also propose applicable ITP’s for each material, component, equipment, and determine with the client the review, witness and hold points.

We have a data base with more than 500 different ITP’s.

With copies of PO’s issued to suppliers, we can coordinate and execute all inspection activities, and submit clients´ inspection reports on time.

Examples of Project Inspection Management are applicable to:

  • Power Generation, CCPlants.
  • Oil & Gas, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream.
  • Environmental plants (Solar, Wind, Power Plants).
  • Petrochemical Plants.
  • Water Treatment Plants (Desalination, Waste Water, Potabilitation).
  • Mining, Cement and Handling.
  • Train and railway.
  • Cranes.

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